USVI Yacht Charter

USVI Yacht Charter

Book a USVI Yacht Charter and you can fly direct to St Thomas from most US airports. Explore the awesome island of St John pictured here.

Most importantly, there are some fantastic flight deals available to Cyril E. King Airport (STT) on the US Virgin Islands. Therefore, fly direct and join your USVI Yacht Charter in as little as 10 minutes.  Similarly, if your yacht is based in Red Hook then the cab ride is slightly longer. 

Therefore, let’s explore where you can cruise on a USVI Yacht Charter.

St Thomas

USVI Yacht Charter Yacht Haven Grande Marina St Thomas

St Thomas anchorages include the magnificent Megans Bay on the North coast. This pretty bay has a crescent shaped white sandy beach and is a great spot for watersports.

Honeymoon Bay on Water Island is a fantastic anchorage for an evening just off St Thomas. Because it also offers a white sandy crescent shaped beach with crystal clear turquoise waters to swim in. Besides that, if you are there on a Monday night you can even watch a movie on the beach, it’s great fun!

Christmas Cove on Great St James Island is a great spot to visit. Great St James Island is located to the east of St Thomas directly opposite the St Thomas Yacht Club. Besides that, this little cove has great snorkeling with lots of turtles.

USVI Yacht Charter St Thomas

St John

St John in total contrast to its sister island of St Thomas is extremely chilled and laid back oozing with hippy chic! Cruz Bay is the main town and here you will find an abundance of tiny boutiques. Jewellery shops, gift shops and bars fill the tiny streets. Besides that, along the beach are some great restaurants.

Caneel Bay

USVI Yacht Charter Wild Donkey St John

Mooring off Caneel Bay is a firm favorite. At present the resort is closed, however the snorkeling is fantastic. Watch the turtles swim around your yacht. Snorkeling is great and you’ve got several beautiful white sandy beaches to explore. This area is within the VI National Park area. Besides that, there’s room for Superyachts to anchor in this great location.

Francis Bay

USVI Yacht Charter Maho Bay St John

Francis Bay is a fantastic picturesque anchorage. Offering two spectacular beaches both Francis and Maho Beach are located here. Snorkeling along the rocks is fantastic and you often see the pretty Queen Angel Fish. Because this anchorage is large there is plenty of room for Superyachts to moor. Besides that, this area is within the VI National Park zone.

Hiking is great from Francis Bay. Because you can walk through to the disused Annaberg Sugar Mill. 

Waterlemon Bay

USVI Yacht Charter Waterlemon Cay St John

Waterlemon Bay offers both great snorkeling and hiking. Snorkel around Waterlemon Cay and stroll on the tiny white sandy spit. Besides that you can run ashore in the yachts dinghy and hike up to the Old School House. From here you can also walk to the Annaberg Sugar Mill and capture fantastic spots of the turquoise water in Mary Creek and of your luxury charter yacht in the bay. Besides that, you can hike along the Johnny Horn Trial to Coral Bay it’s a great hike and you can enjoy a cool beer when you arrive.

Wild donkeys can be seen on St John especially around the old sugar mill and in Coral Bay.

USVI Yacht Charter Annaberg Sugar Mill

Combine a USVI & BVI Yacht Charter

Combine a USVI & BVI Yacht Charter and get the best of both worlds! Fly directly into St Thomas, cruise around St John, then head over to the British Virgin Islands. Finally, head back to St Thomas to catch your flight home.

This is a great option to explore the Virgin Islands on vacation. Most importantly, we can help you plan your trip and help your choose the perfect yacht for your vacation afloat. Above all our advice is FREE and we know all the best spots to visit!