St Kitts Yacht Charter

St Kitts Yacht Charter

Book a St Kitts Yacht Charter and explore this stunning Caribbean Island. Therefore, explore ashore and visit the Brimstone Hill Fortress where you can take awesome photographs of the neighboring island of Sint Eustatius. 

Sail to the sister island of Nevis, the tiny island located just south of St Kitts. Because here you will find the Montpellier Plantation which was a firm favorite of the late Lady Diana Princess of Wales.

Christophe Harbour

St Kitts Yacht Charter Christophe Harbour

Christophe Harbour is a luxury new development on the southern tip of St Kitts. Therefore, offering a boutique marina which is suitable for Superyachts. Besides that, it provides outstanding facilities and excellent bars and restaurants.

White House Bay

St Kitts Yacht Charter Salt Plage

White House Bay is a great sheltered anchorage located on the west coast of St Kitts adjacent to Christophe Harbour. Besides that the trendy Salt Plage bar is located in this pretty bay. Most importantly, this is the night spot to hang out and watch the sunset behind your luxury yacht.

Brimstone Hill Fortress

St Kitts Yacht Charter Brimstone Fort Views

Furthermore, a St Kitts Yacht Charter would not be complete without a trip to the awesome Brimstone Hill Fortress. Because it’s perched high on the hill you get incredible views of the neighboring island of St Eustatius.

St Kitts Yacht Charter Views to St Eustatius from Brimstone Fort

Royal St Kitts Golf Club

Therefore, if golf is your passion, how about 18 holes on the stunning Royal St Kitts Golf Club. Besides that, you get awesome views of the Atlantic coast from the golf course.

Plantation house for lunch

For an amazing experience visit a plantation house for lunch on the island of St Kitts. Ottley’s Plantation or Rawlins Plantation are both excellent. Most importantly, relax on the verandah with a cocktail prior to lunch being served in the old dining room. Sample exquisite local dishes freshly prepared for you.


Nevis is the sister island of St Kitts. Therefore, this island is located just across the bay from Christophe Harbour. This laid back island is simply stunning. Nevis Peak lies in the center of the island rising to over 3,000ft. Wild African Green Vervet Monkeys are plentiful both on the island of Nevis and St Kitts.

Therefore the best way to explore this tiny island is to take an island tour or to drive around the island in a rental.

Four Seasons Hotel and Golf Course

The Four Seasons Hotel and Golf Course occupy a stunning site on the west coast of Nevis. Therefore, you are welcome to visit for a round of golf or for lunch. Besides that, located on the same stretch of Pinneys beach is the very popular Sunshines Restaurant. Most importantly, this small bar is a favourite sundowner spot.

Plantation house for lunch

Nevis Yacht Charter Montpellier Plantation

Above all, the perfect way to spend a day on Nevis is to enjoy lunch at a Plantation house. Montpellier House stands high on the hillside on the south coast. Besides that, this is the spot where Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson married Fanny Nisbet who hailed from Nevis.

Golden Rock Inn is another great option for lunch located on the south east corner of Nevis.

Visit Multiple Islands

Explore both islands on a St Kitts and Nevis Yacht Charter. Therefore, you can take time to anchor in different bays and explore ashore.

Besides that, dependant upon the size of yacht that you would like to charter for your vacation, one way charters are also available. Therefore, you could fly into Antigua, sail to Nevis and St Kitts for a two island vacation. Besides that, you can extend your trip to include the French island of St Barths.

Most importantly, we can help you plan your vacation of a lifetime. Above all, our advice is FREE and we have the most amazing yachts.