Grenada Yacht Charter Grand Anse Beach Spice Isle

Grenada Yacht Charter

Book a Grenada Yacht Charter for a great vacation to paradise!  Therefore, explore ashore prior to setting sail for Carriacou and then the Grenadines. Besides that, Grenada is also known as Spice Isle this is due to the spices grown on the island.

Grenada is a fascinating Caribbean island. It is the southern most island within the Windward Islands chain. Most importantly this island has so much to offer. Your luxury yacht will moor in Port Louis Marina located in the capital of St Georges. Therefore, it is easy to explore ashore.

Port Louis Marina offers fantastic facilities for Superyachts and smaller Motor Yachts and Catamarans.

Grand Anse Beach

Grenada Yacht Charter Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse beach lies on the south of the island. Therefore only a 5 minute dinghy ride from the marina. This white sandy beach is stunning. Besides that, it offers numerous watering holes along the shore. Most importantly take a dip straight off the beach in the crystal clear Caribbean sea. Besides that, watch the perfect Caribbean sunset as you enjoy a sundowner.

Explore Grenada

Grenada Yacht Charter Grand Etang Lake

Explore Grenada, this Caribbean island is blessed with numerous waterfalls and the stunning Grand Etang Lake.

Gouyave the tiny fishing village on the west coast is famous for its Fish Fry held every Friday evening. Arrive early and help the fishermen haul their nets, ready for the fry up.

Sauteurs at the northern point of the island is home to a Nutmeg Factory. Therefore, watch the sacks of Nutmeg being delivered by the pickers. First of all the Nutmeg enters the drying process. Therefore producing both Mace from the outer coating and Nutmeg from the inner core. Nutmeg is perfect grated on the top of a Rum Punch!

Rivers Rum is located on the East Coast at Antoine. Furthermore, the Rum is made in the traditional way. Rivers use 18th century machinery powered by a waterwheel. Most importantly, you get to sample the different Rums that they produce.

Grenada Yacht Charter Waterfall


Carriacou belongs to Grenada. It is the start of the Grenadine islands. Unlike its sister island of Grenada, Carriacou has no rivers. However it is blessed with stunning white sandy beaches. Carriacou is very undeveloped. Tyrell Bay is a great spot to visit. Most importantly, it has a crescent shaped beach at the head of the bay and numerous tiny beach bars. Therefore, perfect for a sundowner as you look out at your yacht at anchor.

Multi Island

Certainly the best option is to combine a Grenada Yacht Charter with a cruise around the stunning Grenadines. Therefore, enjoy easy flight access to the larger island of Grenada and explore the SVG Grenadines. 

We can help you plan your itinerary, we know all of the islands intimately. Most importantly, we have awesome yachts waiting for you!