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Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters provide the Ultimate Luxury Vacation

Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters provide the ultimate luxury vacation aboard a private yacht. A professional captain and chef will tend to your every need. For the best Caribbean vacation book a boutique hotel afloat with Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters. Most importantly we have an amazing selection of yachts that come with professional crew to look after you. Furthermore we can help you plan your destination and find the best yacht that suits your needs.

Besides that, no previous sailing experience is required. That is to say that your crew will look after you and your private yacht. In addition if you’re unsure as to the type of yacht you would like to charter for your vacation we can help you. Above all we have a great selection of Catamarans, Motor Yachts, Power Catamarans and Sailing Yachts. Similarly we also have some amazing Superyachts available for charter.

Most importantly, our staff have a minimum of 15 years experience in the industry. That is to say we have the knowledge to offer unbiased advice. Above all we look forward to listening to your vacation requirements. As a result we will recommend yachts with professional crew that will meet your requirements. After that we will assist you throughout the charter booking process. Most importantly, we are available during your charter to assist you in any way.

So let us help you find the perfect yacht for your best vacation ever. Our advice is FREE!


What is a Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charter?

A crewed yacht charter is the best way to experience the finest destinations in the Caribbean, from the Grenadines to the Virgin Islands.  Explore with a private yacht and experienced professional captain and personal chef who will satisfy your every request.


Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters can help you select the perfect yachting destination for your Caribbean sailing vacation. Our team will share their intimate knowledge on all of the Caribbean islands, which has been gained over the years of living and working throughout the Caribbean.  Therefore we offer our free advice so that you can choose the Caribbean island that best suits your needs for that perfect vacation. Regardless of what type of vacation you prefer there is a Caribbean island waiting for you to explore.

St Barths Yacht Charter

St Barths Yacht Charter is perfect if you want to maximize your time ashore during your vacation and you enjoy a lively chic vibe. Saint Barthelemy often referred to as the St Tropez of the Caribbean offers chic bars and restaurants and luxury designer stores. Therefore this chic French West Indies Island is certainly the place to celebrity spot during your vacation. Chill out and enjoy a delicious glass of chilled French wine as you people watch. Most importantly this tiny island offers a multitude of restaurants and bars to visit during the evening. With fantastic beaches offering kitesurfing on the windward side of the island, to sheltered beaches offering Seabob rental on Shell beach near to Gustavia. In addition Colombier on the northern coast, which is simply stunning and only accessible via your charter yacht. Therefore, take a closer look at  St Barths to find out more information about this amazing Caribbean yachting destination.

Discover the Virgin Islands

Discover the Virgin Islands on a Crewed Yacht Charter. That is to say that you can combine both a BVI and USVI Yacht Charter to get the best of both worlds on your vacation. Find out more about Island Hopping in the Caribbean for an amazing adventure afloat.

BVI Yacht Charter

BVI Yacht Charter offers an awesome vacation for families, couples and groups of friends. Most importantly regardless of whether you want a quiet vacation exploring unspoiled white sandy beaches or visiting local beach bars and dancing beneath the stars the BVI can deliver the perfect vacation for you. The British Virgin Islands are made up of a number of tiny Caribbean islands that offer semi-sheltered sailing, which is fantastic especially when the Christmas Trade Winds are blowing during the winter months. Therefore, let Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters provide you with more information about a BVI Yacht Charter.

USVI Yacht Charter

USVI Yacht Charter gives you a chance to explore the stunning laid-back island of St John. That is to say that this island never disappoints with its stunning white sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal blue seas. Therefore you can swim with turtles straight from your yacht in Maho Bay, it’s awesome! In addition you can hike around some of the many trails on St John and visit the Annaberg Sugar Plantation. Furthermore the island even has wild donkeys and deer strolling around. Find out more information about what a USVI Yacht Charter has to offer you and your family and friends for that ultimate vacation to the Virgin Islands.

Windward Islands

Windward Islands start at Martinique and include the islands of St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. Therefore we can help tailor the perfect itinerary for you to cruise around the stunning Grenadines.

Grenadines Yacht Charter

Grenadines Yacht Charter you can visit the famous island of Mustique where the rich and famous own luxury villas, Tobago Cays where you can swim with turtles from your luxury yacht and the beautiful island of Bequia. Read more about what a Grenadines Yacht Charter has to offer, for that perfect vacation.

St Lucia Yacht Charter

St Lucia Yacht Charter provides the opportunity to sail to the awesome Pitons. The Pitons are two giant volcanic mountains towering out of the Caribbean Sea. Most importantly your charter yacht can moor in-between the Pitons for an amazing experience. In addition St Lucia is also blessed with many waterfalls and is home to the famous Hotel Chocolat. Therefore you can visit this working cocoa plantation and sample their delicious hand made chocolates, how good is that! Explore what a St Lucia Yacht Charter has to offer and read more about this stunning tropical island in the Caribbean.

Grenada Yacht Charter

Grenada Yacht Charter enables you to visit this unique island often referred to as Spice Isle due to the vast quantity of Nutmeg and spices grown on this lush tropical island. Most importantly this Caribbean island is blessed with numerous waterfalls, lakes, and rum distilleries.  After that Grenada is also famous for its amazing flora and fauna and the island frequently wins a Gold award at the famous Chelsea Flower Show held annually in London. In conclusion this Caribbean island is stunning. Therefore discover what a Grenada Yacht Charter has to offer you for that ultimate vacation to paradise!

Martinique Yacht Charter

Martinique Yacht Charter provides the opportunity to explore this amazing island. That is to same that this island offers both fantastic French cuisine and wines ashore, lots of locally grown produce, and great beaches. Above all offering stunning anchorages in Saint Pierre, Anse Mitan, Grand Anse d’Arlet, Marin and Saint Anne there’s so many bays to explore. In addition the scuba diving and snorkeling is awesome! Therefore if you love to explore ashore and enjoy delicious French cuisine at extremely reasonable prices then a yacht charter to Martinique is for you. Finally, find out more information here about a Martinique Yacht Charter you will be amazed at what this Caribbean island has to offer.

Leeward Islands

Leeward Islands include Anguilla, St Martin, St Barths, Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Guadeloupe and Dominica. Likewise each island has so much to offer on a Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charter.

Anguilla Yacht Charter

Anguilla Yacht Charter enables you to explore miles of white sandy beaches on this coral atoll. Therefore, discover more about an Anguilla Yacht Charter and what this stunning island has to offer. Likewise the neighboring island of St Martin on the French side of this shared French/Dutch Island offers fantastic French restaurants. For examples Grand Case which is located directly on a stunning white sandy beach boasts a main street which is lined with bars, restaurants and art galleries. Therefore for a perfect vacation you can combine a visit to St Barths, Anguilla and St Martin on the same trip. To sum up we can help you plan this great adventure. Finally, find out more about  Island Hopping in the Caribbean for that ultimate vacation.

Antigua Yacht Charter

Antigua Yacht Charter offers the famous Nelsons Dockyard at English Harbour to explore. After that Five Islands located on the west side of Antigua near to Jolly Harbour. In addition to escape to turquoise waters visit the beautiful Green Island on the east coast of Antigua. Similarly the neighboring island of Barbuda offers miles of deserted beautiful white sandy beaches to explore. Discover more about an Antigua Yacht Charter and what this yachting destination has to offer.

St Kitts Yacht Charter

St Kitts Yacht Charter enables you to visit both the mainland of St Kitts and the stunning neighboring island of Nevis. Similarly both islands offer fantastic golf courses that you can visit and pay to play. In addition both islands offer pretty anchorages where you can explore Brimstone Fort on St Kitts or visit Admiral Lord Nelson’s marriage site on Nevis. Most importantly beach bars are plentiful on both islands offering fantastic rum drinks. For example on St Kitts you have the trendy Salt Plage part of the new Christophe Harbour development. Salt Plage is the perfect sundowner spot offering unprecedented sunset views. Therefore, find out more about a St Kitts Yacht Charter and what the stunning Caribbean island of Nevis has to offer you.

Guadeloupe Yacht Charter

Guadeloupe Yacht Charter offers both the main island with some great anchorages to explore like Deshaies, Pigeon Island and Pointe-a-Pitre.  Most importantly Pigeon Island is home to the famous Jacques Cousteau’s Underwater Reserve. Therefore you can enjoy awesome scuba diving. In addition you can explore the stunning islands of Isle des Saintes often referred to as the St Barths of 30 years ago are located just to the south of Guadeloupe. Discover more about a Guadeloupe Yacht Charter to plan your vacation to paradise.

Dominica Yacht Charter

Dominica Yacht Charter provides you with the opportunity to explore this stunning island. Firstly Dominica is renowned for its citrus fruits that it supplies to other islands throughout the Caribbean chain. Consequently this tropical island has numerous waterfalls, historic buildings and awesome scuba diving. However Dominica is also famous for its Whale Watching. That is to say that Sperm Whales mate and rear their calves in the deep safe waters surround this Caribbean island. Find out more about a Dominica Yacht Charter we can help you plan your trip of a lifetime to this enchanting Caribbean island.

Island Hopping Yacht Charter

Island Hopping Yacht Charter enables you to fully explore the amazing islands of the Caribbean. Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters will help you select your Caribbean islands and plan your itinerary. Most importantly, we have an extensive knowledge of all of the Caribbean islands that you can visit and our advice is free! Therefore instead of visiting one Caribbean destination you can enjoy Island Hopping instead.  

For instance in the Leeward Islands you can join your crewed charter yacht in Sint Maarten after that visit St Barths, followed by Anguilla before you return to Sint Maarten. Similarly for a Windward Islands trip you can depart from St Lucia then cruise around the Grenadines and finish your vacation in Grenada. Finally in the Virgin Islands start your trip in the US Virgin Islands of St Thomas, then visit St John before cruising the British Virgin Islands and then finish your vacation in St Thomas.

In conclusion there are so many combinations available and we can help you plan your trip, so that you can enjoy the best vacation ever Island Hopping throughout the Caribbean!

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Book your Caribbean vacation today! Click on the photographs above and discover what each amazing Caribbean island has to offer for your next adventure afloat with Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters.


Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters are here to help you select the perfect yacht to suit your family vacation, your fun trip with a group of friends, or a romantic getaway for two.

That is to say you may already know the type of yacht that you would like to charter. A Motor Yacht, Catamaran, Sailing Yacht, Power Catamaran, Classic Yacht or a Superyacht. Above all we can recommend a hand-picked selection of yachts for you to check out, so that you can select the perfect yacht and crew for your vacation.

Most importantly we are based in the Caribbean and we are constantly refreshing our local knowledge with regards to the professional crew that look after the yachts. Therefore we can recommend and dovetail the yacht and crew that will best suit your group to ensure that you have the perfect vacation afloat.

Motor Yacht Charter

Motor Yacht Charter offers the luxury of a boutique hotel afloat. Above all Motor Yachts offer more watersports equipment including jet-skies, waterskiing, wake boarding, tubing, SUPs, and kayaks. Therefore this type of yacht is perfect for a group of friends. Discover more about a Motor Yacht Charter as this type of yacht offers lots of fun for everyone!

Catamaran Yacht Charter

Catamaran Yacht Charter is a great family vacation option, or works well for a group of friends looking to share the cost of their vacation. Most importantly the majority of Catamarans offer similar cabins so it is easy for a group of friends to enjoy a fun time afloat on this type of yacht – without arguing about who gets the master cabin! In addition Catamarans offer twice the amount of space both above and below the water. In other words this means a great selection of watersports equipment including SUPs, tubing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kayaks. Likewise most Catamarans offer free Scuba Diving for certified divers and some offer tuition aboard for a nominal charge. After that we even have yachts offering Kitesurfing. Therefore find out more about what a Catamaran Yacht Charter has to offer.

Power Catamaran Yacht Charter

Power Catamaran Yacht Charter has become very popular as these yachts combine the benefits of both a Motor Yacht and a Catamaran. Therefore they offer twice as much space with the speed of a motor yacht. Find out more information about a Power Catamaran Yacht Charter this type of yacht is being extremely popular throughout the Caribbean.

Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing Yacht Charter is the classic monohull yacht charter. Above all these yachts offer great family fun especially if you’d like your kids to learn about sailing. Similarly they are also great for couples especially for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. However Sailing Yachts offer less space so consequently they cannot offer as many watersports as a Catamaran. Most importantly they do however offer silence! Therefore you will glide through the Caribbean Sea with just the wind to power you aboard your very own private yacht. Why not discover more about a Sailing Yacht Charter this type of yacht can explore the whole Caribbean island chain.

Classic Yacht Charter

Classic Yacht Charter is for the connoisseur who enjoys sailing a monohull but prefers the ‘olde world’ charm of a classic wooden hull sailing yacht. Most importantly we have a selection of stunning classic beauties for your vacation to the Caribbean. Find out more about a Classic Yacht Charter and enjoy a unique sailing experience in the Caribbean.

Superyacht Charter

Superyacht Charter offers the ultimate in a luxury vacation afloat. Superyachts are defined as yachts that are greater than 100ft in length. Therefore they can be Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts, Catamarans or Power Catamarans. We have a selection of amazing yachts available for luxury yacht charter. Most importantly Superyachts provide enhanced watersports equipment and some yachts even offer toys like a waterslide or climbing wall. In addition your yacht will also offer a luxury tender to take you ashore. Discover the ultimate vacation aboard a Superyacht Charter our specialist team are ready to help you plan your vacation of a lifetime.

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Book your Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter today. Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters can recommend the perfect yacht for your next Caribbean vacation. Contact us today our advice is FREE!

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