Anguilla Yacht Charter

Anguilla Yacht Charter

If you love miles of deserted white sandy shores then an Anguilla Yacht Charter is for you! Anguilla is a coral atoll unlike the majority of islands in the Caribbean that are volcanic. Therefore, the island is low lying with miles of stunning white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear turquoise sea.

Road Harbour

Road Harbour is the main anchorage on Anguilla, it’s located on the West Coast. Therefore the perfect location to view those stunning Caribbean sunsets. Besides that you can explore ashore from this anchorage.

Crocus Bay

Crocus Bay is located on the main land of Anguilla also on the west coast. Because this bay is outside of the marine park you can moor over night in this location. Most importantly this anchorage offers a beautiful white sandy beach, perfect for swimming.

Prickly Pear Island

Prickly Pear Island is located to the west of Anguilla. Because this island is part of the marine park, you can visit during the daytime only. Besides that, this Robinson Crusoe island is magical! Above all, the white sand is amazing, contrasting with the turquoise sea and bright blue sky. Most importantly, chill out and enjoy a local cocktail at one of the tiny wooden beach bars. Dive into the crystal clear water to cool off.

Dog Island

Anguilla Yacht Charter Dog Island

Dog Island also lies within the marine park so again it is for day time visits only. This totally uninhabited island is fabulous! Most importantly, it offers fantastic snorkeling and get deserted white sandy beaches.

Caribbean Island Hopping

Above all the best way to enjoy Anguilla is to book a multi island vacation. Therefore, fly into the neighboring island of Sint Maarten which offers direct flights to the USA. Cruise around the stunning French West Indies island of St Barths. Finally, enjoy your Anguilla Yacht Charter prior to disembarking in Sint Maarten.

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