Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

If you love the BVI but want to explore somewhere different this year then a Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charter is perfect for you. With miles of white sandy beaches, amazing snorkeling and scuba diving, and great bars ashore. Besides that, these tranquil islands come alive at night time when Spanish Salsa music can be heard from every bar.


Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Flamenco Beach

Culebra offers amazing anchorages and stunning beaches. Besides that, the main harbour is Ensenada Honda. Here at the head of this deep natural harbour you are virtually moored right next to the town. Therefore take a ride in the dingy and transit the waterway that takes you to the west coast of the island. Besides that, great bars line this stretch of water and you can tie the dinghy alongside the wall and hop up for a sundowner.

The west coast offers awesome scuba diving sites. Most importantly, there are some great anchorages with beautiful quiet beaches. Take the dinghy over to the tiny island of Cayo Luis Pen the perfect spot for a beach picnic.

The north coast is home to the famous Flamenco Beach. Most importantly, this beach is simply awesome! Besides that, miles of white sandy beach stretch out against the bright turquoise sea, and bright blue sky. Besides that, at the far end of the beach lies a derelict tank, which frequently gets painted in the latest fashionable colors.

The east coast faces the neighboring uninhabited island of Culebrita. Besides that, beaches on the east coast are nesting spots for turtles every summer.

Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Culebra


Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Culebrita Light House

Culebrita is a tiny uninhabited island to the east of Culebra. Besides that, it is home to one of the oldest light houses in the Caribbean. Sadly, this light house has fallen into disrepair so it is no longer safe to climb to the top of the look out tower.

Most importantly Playa Tortuga the horse shoe shaped beach on the north side of the island is absolutely stunning. 

Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Playa Tortuga Culebrita


Spanish Virgin IslandsI Yacht Charter Vieques

Vieques lies to the west of the island of Culebra. Most importantly, it offers some amazing anchorages.

Salina del Sur offers a beautiful crescent shaped beach and excellent snorkeling. Do not wonder ashore off the beach as this area is restricted access.

Ensenada Honda is another deep water anchorage surrounded by mangroves.

For something totally different take your kayaks for a trip around the Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay at night time. It’s awesome! The water glows bright green as you paddle through it.

Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Robinson Crusoe Island

Visit Several Virgin Islands

Combine a Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charter with a trip to St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Therefore, enjoy a multi island vacation for an awesome trip!