Superyacht Charter

Superyacht Charter

The ultimate luxury is to book a Superyacht Charter for your next vacation. Available in Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts and Catamarans. We have the perfect Superyacht for you. 

First of all, a Superyacht is any type of yacht that has a length greater than 100ft. Besides that, you can expect a higher level of service. Therefore, the ratio of crew to guests will be higher. Most importantly, ensuring that guests receive a high level of service.

Superyacht vs Luxury Villa

Seven Sins Superyacht Charter

Superyacht vs Luxury Villa, let’s look at the advantages. Most importantly, on a Superyacht you have total privacy away from the paparazzi. Therefore you can escape from the hassle ashore and enjoy your private luxury yacht without any intrusion. Besides that, both you and your guests can relax and enjoy your surrounding without having your privacy invaded by unwelcome visitors.

Most noteworthy, your Superyacht will offer you the luxury of a boutique luxury villa afloat. Furthermore, your luxury yacht will move location daily so that you can enjoy a new vista. Therefore you are not confined to the same view every day. Most importantly, you will have awesome new anchorages and islands to view each day of your trip.

Most importantly, if you are planning a business trip, then a Superyacht offers an amazing platform. Therefore, your business colleagues can focus without any disruptions from external sources. Besides that, when your business meeting ends, you can all enjoy the fully inclusive watersports equipment aboard your luxury yacht.

Besides that, we can help you select the perfect yacht for your vacation or business seminar.

Relax with Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters

Beach Club And Watersports

Superyacht Charter Swimming Pool

Most importantly, the majority of Motor Yachts offer a dedicated Beach Club area. Therefore, offering sun loungers to relax as you look out over the Caribbean sea. Besides that, most yachts offer a gym and spa facilities aboard the yacht. Besides that, your yacht will offer either a swimming pool or jacuzzi.

Superyacht Charter Watersports Toys

Above all, a Superyacht will offer multiple tenders. Therefore, guests can visit ashore and undertake watersports at the same time. Besides that, Jetskis will be available aboard your yacht. Another popular addition is a waterslide. Some yachts offer both a waterslide and a climbing wall. Similarly, the long time favorites like wakeboarding, waterskiing and tubing will also be available. Besides that, most Superyachts will offer FREE scuba diving and some will also offer FREE instruction. 

Finally, you get to choose when you want to play!

Superyacht Destinations

Bella Vita (previously Necker Belle) Supeyacht Charter

Superyachts are available throughout the Caribbean. Most noteworthy destinations are St Barths, the Grenadines and the BVI. Most importantly, we can help you select the perfect destination for your Superyacht Charter.

Finally, for the ultimate Superyacht experience you can charter a luxury Classic Yacht. We have some awesome beauties available for luxury charter. Most importantly, we can help you choose the perfect yacht that will exceed your expectations.