Guadeloupe Yacht Charter

Guadeloupe Yacht Charter

Book a Guadeloupe Yacht Charter and explore the French West Indies. Above all, Guadeloupe offers stunning white sandy beaches. Also, an amazing Botanical Gardens, and awesome snorkeling and scuba diving. Most noteworthy are the islands called Iles des Saintes. Besides that enjoy fantastic French cuisine and wines on these terrific islands.


Guadeloupe Yacht Charter Deshaies Fishing Port

Deshaies is a pretty little fishing port located on the west coast. For that reason it’s perfect to view a stunning Caribbean sunset. Besides that, the port is filled with tiny French Restaurants and Bars and an excellent Patisserie. Also, scuba diving is fantastic along the wall especially a night dive.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is home to the Jacque Cousteau Underwater Reserve. Therefore you can enjoy stunning scuba diving here or why not take a trip to the tiny island to explore.

Iles des Saintes

Sail further south to the magical Iles des Saintes islands.

Iles des Saintes Guadeloupe

The main island pictured above is Terre-de-Haut. Most importantly this tiny French island offers superb restaurants and bars, great gift shops and tiny boutiques. Hire a moped and explore the island. Most importantly, the beaches are stunning! Snorkel in the crystal clear warm waters of the Caribbean sea. Besides that, it is often compared to St Barths of thirty years ago.

Besides that, you can hike up to Fort Napoleon which sits on the hill looking over the harbour. Therefore, you’ll get a great photograph of your charter yacht.¬†

Guadeloupe Yacht Charter Isles des Saintes

Visit Several Islands

Combine a vacation to Guadeloupe and the stunning Iles des Saintes with a trip to Antigua. Therefore, getting the best of both worlds! Greater flight availability to Antigua and experiencing the French West Indies all in the same trip.

Most importantly, we can help you plan your vacation. We have great yachts available to charter.