Dominica Yacht Charter

Dominica Yacht Charter

A Dominica Yacht Charter is the perfect way to explore this lush tropical Caribbean island. Most importantly, this stunning island is famous for its citrus fruits, spectacular waterfalls and awesome scuba diving.

Dominica Yacht Charter Coastline


Dominica Yacht Charter Fort Shirley Portsmouth Habour

Portsmouth is located down in the north corner of the island. Because it faces the west coast it is blessed with awesome Caribbean sunsets. Besides that, this pretty anchorage of Prince Rupert Bay offers numerous beach bars.

Fort Shirley looks over this pretty anchorage. It forms part of the Cabrits National Park. Therefore a great place to explore plus get some awesome photos of your charter yacht.

Besides that, take a river boat ride up the Indian River. It’s the largest river on Dominica. Flowing from the village of Glanvillia down to the coast at Portsmouth.


Dominica Yacht Charter Rosseau

Rosseau is the capital of Dominica. Therefore, stroll around town and see numerous historic stone buildings. Besides that, local fruits and produce are sold by the side of the roads on little stands or out of the trunk of a car.

Besides that, book a trip in land and explore one of the numerous fantastic waterfalls.

Finally, the famous Anchorage Hotel is located on the dock looking out over the anchorage. Enjoy a sundowner as you watch the sunset behind your yacht.

Scotts Head

Scotts Head is located on the southern tip of the island. Besides that, this spot offering amazing scuba diving sites.

Therefore, if your passion is scuba diving, we can arrange some awesome dives for you.

Visit Several Caribbean Islands

Combine a Dominica Yacht Charter with the neighboring French West Indies island of Martinique

Most importantly, we have awesome charter yachts available. Therefore, we can recommend the best yacht for you. Most importantly we can help you plan a great itinerary.