Grenadines Yacht Charter

Grenadines Yacht Charter

The ultimate vacation a Grenadines Yacht Charter, book yours today! If your ideal vacation is sailing between un-commercialised Caribbean islands, then this is the destination for you.

Most importantly, a Grenadines Yacht Charter offers exquisite tiny Caribbean islands to explore. Miles of white sandy beaches to stroll along. The warm Caribbean sea to swim in, snorkel and scuba dive. Besides that local beach bars to enjoy a Rum punch or your favorite cocktail.

First of all, the best island to start your SVG Grenadines Yacht Charter is the tiny island of Bequia. Therefore, you can fly to Barbados, St Lucia or Grenada, then fly with Mustique Airlines or Liat to Bequia. Stunning Caribbean islands that you will visit are Bequia, Mustique, Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Petit St Vincent and Union Island. Therefore, you can return to Bequia at the end of your charter or have the flexibility to fly out of Union Island. Are you ready to explore the islands?


Grenadines Yacht Charter Princess Margaret Beach Bequia SVG

Bequia the enchanting tiny island which is located just south of its sister island of St Vincent. This island is the perfect destination to join your charter yacht. Your yacht will be moored in the sheltered waters of Port Elizabeth.

Before you set sail to the other islands take a taxi ride to the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, the kids will love it! Because they will be able to see the baby turtles that are being reared prior to their release back into the sea.

Besides that, take a stroll along the stunning Princess Margaret Beach. The snorkeling is awesome just around the rocks. Enjoy a cold beer at Jack’s Bar as you look out at your yacht, it’s a great photo opportunity. Besides that what an awesome way to start your charter in paradise!

If you love Scuba Diving there are some awesome dive sites off Bequia. Because you get both fantastic wall diving where you drift along the colorful walls. Also wreck diving around the Stratmann tug.


Grenadines Yacht Charter Fishermans Village Mustique

Mustique is the immaculately manicured island located to the east of Bequia. Home to the rich and famous like Robbie Williams and Mick Jagger. Therefore no trip to the Grenadines would be complete without visiting this jewel of a Caribbean island.

Anchor just off the famous Basils Bar in Mustique. This is a great night spot and if you’re lucky you may spend your evening with a rock star. Take a trip around this tiny island, the best way is by renting a Mule, a motorised golf cart. Therefore you can visit the stunning beaches located on the windward side of the island.

Besides that, if you want to have lunch ashore the Cotton House Beach Restaurant is a great option.

Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays are simply stunning! Check it out for yourself.

Grenadines Crewed Yacht Charter

Tobago Cays are made up of a small cluster of uninhabited islands. Therefore your charter yacht will moor behind the Worlds End Reef it’s awesome! You can snorkel with turtles or explore the uninhabited islands.¬†

Dine on deck beneath the stars on delicious cuisine prepared by your very own chef.


Grenadines Yacht Charter Saline Bay Mayreau

Mayreau is located just south of Tobago Cays. This tiny island has two anchorages Saltwhistle Bay which can accommodate smaller yachts and Saline Bay for larger charter yachts. Besides that, this island offer fantastic snorkeling. It’s white sandy beaches glisten in the Caribbean sunshine. Another great way to spend an afternoon is to hike to the tiny Catholic church located at the top of the hill on Mayreau. From here you get an amazing aerial view out to sea over the stunning turquoise waters of Tobago Cays.

Petit St Vincent

Grenadines Yacht Charter PSV

Petit St Vincent is located to the east of Tobago Cays. This tiny private island is home to a luxury boutique resort. Therefore it’s a fantastic location to anchor for the evening with the option that you can dine ashore.

Located five minutes away and accessed by your yachts dinghy is the tiny Robinson Crusoe Island called Mopion. The perfect spot to lie on a sandy atoll and drink an ice cold Carib local beer.

Union Island

Grenadines Yacht Charter Union Island

Union Island offers two great anchorages. Clifton Harbour where your yacht can moor off Janti’s Happy Island. Because this island was constructed of disused conch shells which has grown over the years. It’s unique and the perfect spot for a sundowner. Janti’s Rum Punch is a killer!

If your passion is Kitesurfing or you just want to give it a go, this is the right spot. Because Union Island is home to JT Pro Center Kiteboarding School. The perfect spot to give it a go or to hone those skills.

The second anchorage is Chatham Bay located to the west of Union Island therefore perfect for those amazing Caribbean sunsets. Most importantly this tiny crescent shaped beach hosts a few local wooden shacks offering local beers and cocktails as you watch the magnificent sunset. Besides that, if you’re lucky you may even see the Green Flash!

Grenadines Yacht Charter Happy Island


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