BVI Yacht Charter

BVI Yacht Charter

Above all a BVI Yacht Charter is the best way to explore paradise!  Therefore, if you’re looking for crystal clear turquoise waters, blue skies and white sandy beaches the British Virgin Islands is for you. Most importantly, the BVI offers fantastic sailing, great bars and awesome snorkeling and scuba diving. Not to mention fantastic kitesurfing and hiking. What are you waiting for, book that BVI Yacht Charter today!

British Virgin Islands are made up of a cluster of stunning Caribbean islands. Also known as Natures Little Secrets. Therefore the BVI offers semi-sheltered waters as you sail up and down the famous Sir Francis Drake Channel. Most importantly, this means that your sailing vacation is guaranteed.

Besides that visit the following islands on your charter; Tortola, Norman Island, Peter Island, Cooper Island, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke. Let’s explore the different islands!

BVI Crewed Yacht Charter


BVI Yacht Charter Smugglers Cove

Tortola is the capital of the British Virgin Islands. Therefore it is home to Beef Island Airport (EIS). Besides that, there are several marinas and locations where you can join your yacht. Regardless of the size of charter yacht, your captain will meet you at the airport to accompany you to your yacht. 

Favorite anchorages around Tortola to visit on a BVI Yacht Charter include Cane Garden Bay on the West Coast. Therefore, offering fantastic sunset opportunities at the numerous beach bars.

Brewers Bay is a small secluded bay further north which offers a fantastic white sandy beach and great snorkeling.

West End offers the popular Sopers Hole Marina, its tiny row of shops are being re-constructed.

Trellis Bay home to the Last Resort Bar and Restaurant. Numerous bars along the shore are being re-built.

Jost Van Dyke

BVI Yacht Charter Great Harbour JVD

Jost Van Dyke is famous for its bars and nightlife as well as its stunning white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea. JVD is a great island to visit on your BVI Yacht Charter.

Great Harbour is home to the famous Foxy’s Bar, the place to be on New Years Eve. We’re pleased to report that Foxy’s is open and looking forward to seeing you! Several other bars along the sandy road are being re-built.

White Bay is definitely open for business with the famous Soggy Dollar offering its renowned Painkillers! A short distance along the white sandy shore is a very popular newcomer called Hendo’s Hideout. This wooden beach bar and restaurant is a great choice for lunch.

Little Harbour restaurants are re-building and Sidneys will hopefully be re-opened this season.

Sandy Cay is a stunning Robinson Crusoe Island offering a daytime anchorage. Most importantly, this tiny island just to the east of JVD is open for business. 

Sandy Spit took a battering and lost its Palm Trees, however the local charter yachts have replanted Palms and hopefully this tiny atoll will be restored.

Bubbly Pools are located at Diamond Cay are open for business. Therefore take a short hike ashore and chill out in the bubbling water.

BVI Yacht Charter Post Irma Sandy Spit

Norman Island

BVI Yacht Charter The Caves Norman Island

Norman Island has three anchorages The Bight which is the most popular, Soldiers Bay and Benures Bay. Most importantly, this island is a firm favorite on a BVI Yacht Charter.

Due to The Bights location on the west side of the island it is home to Pirates Bight restaurant and bar therefore a firm favourite. Most importantly, the famous Caves are situated just a short dinghy ride outside of this bay. Here you can snorkel inside of three caves and along the wall. Besides that, you may be lucky enough to find some treasure! After all Norman Island is also known as Treasure Island. Willy T Bar used to reside in The Bight, however a brand new Willy T has just opened in its new location of Peter Island.

Soldiers Bay is located on the north side of Norman Island and offers a quieter mooring location. Benures Bay also located on the north side of the island is also a quieter mooring option. Both of these secluded bays offer fantastic snorkeling.

The Indians

The Indians BVI Yacht Charter

The Indians are a National Park dive site, where you can moor for the day. Because this site is located a short distance away from Norman Island it is perfect to combine your visit. Scuba Diving at this site is easy as you circumnavigate the pinnacles called The Indians. We can recommend excellent charter yachts that offer free Scuba Diving to certified divers and even instruction courses on a BVI Yacht Charter.

Peter Island

BVI Yacht Charter View over Deadmans Beach

Peter Island offers three anchorages and one day anchorage.Currently the extremely popular Peter Island Resort and Spa is closed for renovation.

Little Bay is located on the north shore of Peter Island. Besides that, it is a firm favorite with charter Catamarans that moor stern to the rocks around the bay. It’s a great spot for watersports and your charter yacht will have a free compliment of toys for you to use.

Great Harbour is the main anchorage on the island and it offers great snorkeling. Normally you can walk along the beach through to the Peter Island Resort, however this is currently closed.

White Bay is a stunning anchorage located on the west of the island offering a beautiful white sandy beach and great snorkeling.

Deadmans Beach is a day anchorage located on the east of the island directly off the resort beach. The resort beach is currently closed.

BVI Yacht Charter Sir Frances Drake Channel

Salt Island

Salt Island offers a day anchorage and is good for larger charter yachts if you want to dive the famous RMS Rhone. The Rhone is located on the west of Salt Island and as well as the wreck there is a pretty reef. Visit this famous dive site on a BVI Yacht Charter.

Cooper Island

BVI Yacht Charter Cooper Island Beach Club

Cooper Island is home to the Cooper Island Beach Club Resort located on the west of the island on Manchaneel Bay. This tiny resort is a firm favorite offering great sundowners with awesome views directly down the Sir Francis Drake Channel towards St John. Most importantly, it even has its own microbrewery on site, so you can enjoy a fresh pint! Besides that, this small private island has numerous great snorkeling and dive sites for you to explore on a BVI Yacht Charter.

Virgin Gorda

Floating in the Caribbean Sea the Baths BVI

Virgin Gorda is home to the Baths. An awesome spot where three beaches are linked by tunnels and bridges. Therefore, climb through giant granite boulders to access the famous cathedral and small pools. Kids love it! Your yacht will moor off the Baths and take you to the dinghy mooring line located off the beach. Therefore the only way ashore is to swim, it’s not recommended for weak swimmers. Another great alternative is to take a cab ride from North Sound and visit the Baths via this way. Therefore you can take your camera plus get awesome views of both North and Sound from the look out spots as you drive around this tiny Caribbean island.

Savannah Bay is a picture perfect white sandy beach located on the north side of Virgin Gorda.

Mountain Point is a great spot for scuba diving or some snorkeling. Besides that, it is now home to the recently sunk WWII ship that served at Pearl Harbour, the Kodiak Queen.

North Sound located further to the East is a large expanse of semi-sheltered water. Most importantly it is a great spot for watersports especially kite surfing, wake boarding and tubing. Bitter End Yacht Club is located here, however it is currently closed. More importantly Leverick Bay Marina and Resort is open for business! Sail around Millionaires Playground aboard your BVI yacht charter and pass by Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island and Moskito Island. Similarly, snorkel off Larry Page’s Eustatia Island. Besides that, you will most likely see these millionaires kiteboarding past your yacht.

BVI Yacht Charter North Sound


BVI Yacht Charter Anegada

Anegada also known as the drowned island. It is a coral atoll hence it is low lying compared to the other islands within the BVI chain. Most importantly, this island is famed for its Anegada Lobster, it’s delicious! The island offers miles of secluded white sandy beaches and great bars. Kitesurfing is available on the west coast at the Anegada Beach Club. Catamaran Yacht Charter is perfect for visiting Anegada on a BVI Yacht Charter.

BVI Yacht Charter Anegada Lobster Lunch

Scrub Island

Scrub Island is home to the aptly names Scrub Island Resort, Spa and Marina and it is part of the Marriott Autograph Collection. Due to the close proximity of the airport, this Marina is a firm favorite for charter yachts to pickup and drop-off their guests. Most importantly Scrub Island offers superb facilities with a great swim up bar and two excellent restaurants.

Great Camanoe

Great Camanoe is a tiny island just north of Trellis Bay on Tortola. It offers a secluded anchorage in Lee Bay, located on the west of the island. Besides that, if you head ashore with your sneekers you can walk through to the tiny beach on the opposite shore which is part of the National Park. Most importantly Great Camanoe offers fantastic snorkeling on Diamond Reef located on the east side of the island near to Scrub Island.

Guana Island

BVI Yacht Charter White Bay Guana Island

Guana Island is a private island and is home to the luxury Guana Island Resort. Therefore on a BVI Yacht Charter moor off the spectacular sandy beach called White Bay on the west coast. Snorkeling is fantastic off Monkey Point and your captain or crew will take you via dinghy to this great spot.

Fly To St Thomas USVI

Most importantly, the majority of our luxury crewed charter yachts offer a pickup from the neighboring island of St Thomas. Therefore, you can book a direct flight to the USVI. As a result you can enjoy a two center vacation, cruising around both St John and the BVIs. Most importantly, we can advice you about your travel plans, our advice is FREE!

Something For Everyone

Most importantly, the BVI offers something for everyone! Therefore, whatever you love to do on vacation, the BVI delivers.

We can help you plan your dream yacht vacation and advise you regarding the currently status on all of the islands. We have the most amazing charter yachts waiting to cruise around the islands!