Bahamas Yacht Charter

Bahamas Yacht Charter

Above all a Bahamas Yacht Charter provides awesome turquoise seas and stunning white sandy beaches. Most importantly, there are hundreds of tiny Cays to explore.  Therefore, choose a Catamaran or Motor Yacht to explore the coral atolls.  Most importantly, your yacht captain will take you to the best spots. You decide if you prefer bars or quiet anchorages and your yacht will deliver. Also, if you love Scuba Diving we can recommend a yacht that provides FREE scuba straight from your yacht.


Nassau is the main island in the Bahamas. Therefore, it offers excellent flight connections with the USA. Also, Nassau is home to several deep-water marines. Therefore, this is a great location to meet your luxury charter yacht.

Exuma Islands

Exuma Islands are to the south of Nassau. This group of islands offer over 120 miles of white sandy shores and 365 cays. Therefore, this is the perfect destination for beach lovers and snorkelers.

Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay Exumas Staniel Cay Exumas

Staniel Cay located in the Exumas is famous for its swimming pigs. Therefore you can feed these incredible pigs either directly from your Catamaran or jump into the water and swim with these friendly pigs. Over the years these pigs have learned that food is available on the visiting charter yachts. Hence, the pigs have learnt to swim out to the yachts.


Bahamas Yacht Charters

Abaco Islands are to the north of Nassau. The islands are protected by a giant reef system. Therefore, this gives 100 miles of protected shallow bright turquoise waters to explore. Because the water is show it ensures that no cruise ships can visit this destination.

Mix It Up

Kitesurfing Bahamas Yacht Charter

Bahamas offers both super quiet cays where you can chill out and also super fun local beach bars. So you can mix it up on vacation as you island hop throughout the stunning Bahamas. Also, we can recommend yachts that offer FREE Kiteboarding or Scuba Diving.

Most importantly, we can help you plan that perfect vacation to the Bahamas. Also, help you choose that perfect charter yacht.  Above all our advice is FREE!