Antigua Yacht Charter

Antigua Yacht Charter

The perfect place to start your Antigua Yacht Charter is from the spectacular English Harbour. Make sure you take time to visit the Shirley Heights look out so that you can capture a stunning photograph of your luxury yacht. Sunday nights at Shirley Heights are famous for the Steel Pan Music night. Besides that, larger luxury yachts and Superyachts will moor in the neighbouring Falmouth Harbour.

From English Harbour you can explore the famous Nelson’s Dockyard. As you sail out of the harbour you can view the stunning Pillars of Hercules on the headland.

Antigua Yacht Charter Galleon Beach

Green Island

Antigua Yacht Charter Green Island

Green Island is located on the East coast of Antigua. Enter in-between the reef to this sheltered bay with stunning turquoise waters. Therefore, moor off this uninhabited island and explore ashore. Snorkeling here is fantastic! Besides that, it’s a great spot for Kitesurfing. If Kitesurfing is your passion we can recommend a charter yacht that offers free Kitesurfing included in your charter price. This is a perfect spot for watersports. Because your luxury charter yacht will come complete with a great selection of watersports equipment that is all included in the price of your charter. The kids can have a ball tubing in the crystal clear bright turquoise waters. Mum and Dad can try out the Standup Paddle Boards (SUPs). Therefore, this is the perfect spot to have fun!

Antigua Yacht Charter Kitesurfing Green Island

Five Islands

Five Islands is located on the west side of Antigua, therefore, the perfect sunset spot. This tiny cluster of islands is perfect to explore. Located just off the coast from the Jolly Harbour Marina.

Multi Island Vacation

Antigua is the perfect starting place to then set sail to the neighbouring French island of Guadeloupe. Therefore, it’s perfect to enjoy a twin island vacation. Because you can enjoy both islands on the same trip.¬†

Another great trip is to sail from Antigua to the neighboring islands of St Kitts and Nevis, and then to sail to Sint Maarten.

Most importantly we can offer advice about planning a multi island vacation. We know all of the Caribbean islands intimately and our advice is FREE!