First of all we have an awesome selection of Luxury Caribbean Charter Yachts.  So whatever type of yacht you prefer we can offer you a luxury yacht with crew. Therefore, the professional yacht crew will look after the yacht and most importantly they will look after you and your guests. Therefore, let’s checkout the different types of yachts available for a Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charter:


Catamaran Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters Watersports

Catamaran Yacht Charter is by far the most popular sailing option in the Caribbean. Above all this yacht offers double the amount of space both on deck and also below deck. Also the cabin configuration tends to be four or five queen berths with a similar layout. Also this type of yacht offers a great aft deck for entertaining at nighttime. Therefore, this type of yacht is great for kids with all that extra space. Also, perfect to share the yacht with friends so that you all have similar suites. Most importantly, this type of yacht has a very shallow draft. Therefore, it can anchor in very shallow water close to the beach.

Motor Yacht

Caribbean Motor Yacht Charter

Motor Yacht Charter is incredibly popular around the Caribbean islands. While in contrast to a sailing yacht, a motor yacht can whizz around the islands. Therefore, you can checkout more islands on your vacation. Because these yachts offer multiple layouts, there is plenty of choice. This type of yacht is suitable for families and groups of friends. Therefore enjoy a G&T on the aft deck as you watch the Caribbean sunset.

Sailing Yacht

Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing Yacht Charter is the traditional yacht for sailing around the Caribbean islands. However, no previous sailing experience is required. You will have crew to look after the yacht. Therefore, you can sit back and enjoy the total silence that a Sailing Yacht has to offer. This type of yacht is suited for Romantic Getaways and Families. Besides that, some of the larger yachts do offer a flexible layout, which is suited to couples vacationing together.

Classic Yacht

Classic Yacht Charter

Classic Yacht Charter is the ultimate way to sail around the Caribbean. Typically, with this type of yacht you will need more crew. However, your crew will ensure that you have a fantastic time aboard the yacht. Because they will take care of the yacht and also take care of you.

Power Catamaran

Caribbean Power Catamaran Charter

Power Catamaran Yacht Charter is the new kid on the block in yachting terms. This type of yacht is a hybrid of a Catamaran offering double the amount of space, and a Motor Yacht offering power. This means that you can whizz around the islands, but still enjoy the extra space that a Catamaran offers.

How To Book Your Charter

Most importantly, we have an awesome selection of Luxury Caribbean Charter Yachts that are available throughout the Caribbean. Therefore if you are unsure as to the type of yacht you would like to charter for your vacation we can help.  We can advise the best type of yacht that will suit your requirements.

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